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The New Media Moguls: 25 YouTube Stars Making Ridiculous Money

How many hours have you spent watching YouTube stars who posted cute cat videos or listening ear-splitting renditions of Adele songs on YouTube this week? For most people, searching the world’s most popular YouTube stars is just a way to waste time, but for these 25 mini-moguls, it’s a great way to make bank.


Check out how these YouTube Stars made their millions and who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to make your own. Once you see what’s at #4, you’re going to kick yourself for not coming up with it first!

25. Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys – $1.23 Million


These two YouTube stars from Britain believe that everything is cooler in slow motion, and once you see their videos of super slow airbag deployments and water balloons bursting at a snail’s speed, you might develop the same fascination with turtle-like entertainment that Gav and Dan’s 8 million followers have.

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