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52 Places to Go in 2016

3. Malta

If you’d like to experience the Mediterranean but feel you could never afford it, look to Malta. This gorgeous beach city is actually affordable. The climate is perfect year round and there are some very tranquil beaches with gorgeous spots for diving.

3. malta

4. Coral Bay

Coral Bay in St. John is a quiet corner now, but it is posed for big development. It’s definitely a place to see before the developers appear. Coral Bay’s beaches aren’t crowded and the residents are friendly. When you visit, attend a ‘Full Moon’ party or a pig roast (where you can take part in an island sing-a-long).

4. coralbay

5. Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Want to explore the good old USA? Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Dickinson, North Dakota. The park is filled with rolling grasslands, bison and mud coulees.

5. FDRpark

6. Mozambique

This forward-thinking African city is tolerant and a wonderful mix of beach and safari. It actually became one of the first African nations to decriminalize abortion and homosexuality. This means they are going a long way towards creating a more LGBT-friendly travel destination. The tranquil beauty of Mozambique’s coastline draws travelers who love snorkeling and surfing.

6. mozambique

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