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Avatar Movie Ready to Get its Fifth Installment

Recently, James Cameron announced that Avatar Movie will get a fifth installment. That’s right, there will be four more films that will all leave viewers impressed. The fifth installment is set to release in the year 2023.

Actually, the film was only intended to have up to three sequels, but the director said that it really had too much materials. All around the world, Avatar remains to be the most successful movie of all time. To date the movie has made $2.7 billion dollars since its release in 2009.

The first Avatar sequel is set to release in 2018 with other follow ups to be released in 2020, 2022, and finally 2023

Cameron spoke at CinemaCon saying that they decided to focus all of their efforts collaboratively on a huge cinematic process. He also told the press that he has been working for the past few years with top screenwriters to be able to design the Avatar world. Included in this world are the creatures, the characters, the new cultures and the environment. These are all essential elements that need to be incorporated in the movie.

So far, he said that the art is purely based on imagination. It really has gone far beyond the first ever-released film. This is truly considered an epic saga. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the release on the following sequels.

Despite the fact that not all people are considered Avatar fans, the installment and the release of more sequels are unstoppable. As mentioned, James Cameron will be making a total of four sequels!

For those who really loved the movie, this news is something that they can look forward to. Even the News Hub anchor of New Zealand, Hilary Barry, could not believe it as she gazed on live television. She stopped at mid-sentence to ensure that she had read the numbers correctly. This is definitely exciting news that is worth sharing!

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