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Diane Kruger looks hideously thin on Red Carpet

Actress Diane Kruger appeared even thinner than usual on the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie. She was dressed in a Hugo Boss gown which showed off her back and arms. Kruger is a former model who has been in a relationship with Joshua Jackson for almost a decade. The 39-year old actress was present at the opening of her current film, Sky, which is a French-German drama about a woman who kills her husband.

According to the actress, she is very observant on the foods she eats but not for weight loss purposes. When she is very busy with her career, she sometimes forgets to eat meals. She also avoids eating processed foods and performs outdoor exercises.

When it comes to her exercise routine, she rents a bike in Paris or enjoys biking in the stress of LA. Furthermore, she is residing in a high-land place so she hikes a lot. Diane Kruger wants to stay healthy and fit by simply being active.

At the red carpet, many people including the media were shocked with the thinner look of Diane Kruger. Some people think that she is suffering from a painful disease or illness that caused her to drop his weight. The actress confidently states that the weight loss is due to her hectic schedule.

Kruger is very grateful and blessed with her new drama film Sky. She is inviting everyone to watch her movie and hopes they will be amazed with the film’s concept. Kruger wants to continue living her active and healthy lifestyle as well as meeting her goals in life. With her dedication and commitment, Kruger is now one step closer to reaching her dreams in life.

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