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Donnie Wahlberg Endorses Marco Rubio

You can find a number of different stars breaking out into various industries. Donnie Wahlberg, for example, has broken into the fast food industry. Wahlberg has even broken out into the political arena with certain endorsements for a Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Wahlberg may be worried about the amount of taxes he has to pay now and the fact that he has to worry about how to run different businesses. Wahlberg announced his company’s plans to open restaurants on the Vegas strip during the same event where he endorsed Marco Rubio.

Could Donnie Wahlberg run for office himself one day? It would be hard to believe, given that he has grown more conservative as the years go by and he hails from a liberal state like Massachusetts. You can look through history and see Hollywood stars breaking into the business world. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a lot of success with the formation of the Planet Hollywood franchise. He was able to make a fair amount of money off of those franchises.

Burt Reynolds had some struggles with his business ventures. He had to file bankruptcy several different times over a failed venture or two. You can even find different people out there that would try their hands at politics, business, and entertainment. Sonny Bono was successful in politics and the opening of his own restaurants.

Wahlberg and other people would have to be careful in a state like Massachusetts promoting a conservative like an FAIRTAX. The truth is politics can hurt a star’s business interests. Business people have to make smart decisions, part of this process can be easier when a star has a very good agent.

Marco Rubio welcomed the endorsement from Donnie Wahlberg. Rubio did not mention Donnie’s time as a member of New Kids on the Block. This reality is a fact that Donnie Wahlberg really enjoyed. Donnie may move to Florida in the future, and the truth is that it may make more sense to invest in businesses there because there is no state income tax in Florida. Some people still mix up Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, maybe this would happen less if Donnie moved to Florida.

There is no word on whether Jenny McCarthy will be involved with any of the Wahlburger operations. Jenny McCarthy has to be aware of the different issues that former stars can have with their finances. Jenny McCarthy may be a good model for a hamburger chain.

She could convince a lot of men to purchase a hamburger and fries. The fries would be affordable for the average consumer. The Wahlbergs care about the average worker.

A good agent can also help people like Mark Wahlberg manage their business interests, finding a way to hire people in Las Vegas with success and comfort.

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