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Fuller Houser Picked Up For A Second Season

Full House fans were ecstatic when NetFlix announced that it would be developing a follow-up seriesto the popular 90’s sitcom. They may be even happier to hear that the show has been approved for a second season. Critics may not have loved the recent follow up, but the viewer ratings for Fuller House are skyrocketing. Many fans were curious as to how Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner in the series, would develop into an adult acting role. During the mid-2000s Sweetin struggled with substance abuse issues, but it seems that it has not affected her performance in Fuller House.

The sequel has sparked interest in younger fans as well. Millennial babies are catching up on old episodes of Full House to prepare for the hit NetFlix series. Parents seem to be excited about the new series as well. Fuller House will be a sitcom that can bridge gaps between generations as all ages sit down to watch the familiar and family friendly show.

Dave Coullier will be returning in Fuller House as the ever familiar Uncle Joey. His clean jokes and comedic delivery fit perfectly within the diverse cast. Many fans were not surprised to hear that the Olsen twins would not be returning to the show. A spokesperson for the twins stated that filming for the show could not be accommodated by the the twin’s schedule. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the Olsen twins will make an appearance in the second season either. However, viewers will be pleased to know that the popular character Kimi Gibler, portrayed by actress Andrea Barber, will be returning to the cast. Of course the show wouldn’t be complete without Uncle Jesse. John Stamos will be returning with the Full House cast for the NetFlix sequel.

The majority of the Fuller House episodes were written and directed by Jeff Zwick. Zwick was responsible for some of the work on the original series, Full House. His knowledge of the show and cast was pivotal in the sequel’s success. He tends to bring a certain amount of consistency to the scripts, which played a large part in the approval for the second season.

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