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Katy Perry is About to Have the Privilege to Purchase a Convent, Yet Hurdles Remain

After a judge’s initial decision to toss out a potential sale, the famous singer Katy Perry has been granted the opportunity to purchase a convent located in Los Angeles.

The Superior Judge of the Court, Stephanie Bowick “unconditionally” tossed out a past sale by the nuns residing in the involved convent, citing that they do not have the authority to sell the convent because no approval was given from the officials of the church. Perry wishes to purchase the beautiful convent that houses the nuns from the congregation, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The convent comes with a large swimming pool as well as far-reaching views of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. It is on the market for a reported $14.5 million.

Apparently, the remaining nuns at the convent prefer another offer from restaurateur, Dana Holister, for $15.5 million. That is $1 million over the “Dark Horse” offer from Katy Perry. According to reports, the nuns also do not approve of the singers sexually driven music and performances.

On the other hand, the Archdiocese of the city of Los Angeles aims to get the property sold and bought by Perry. The Archdiocese filed a law suit in order to block the sale of the convent on the grounds that the nuns don’t have the authority to sell because there was no sanction granted from church officials. While the attorney of the nuns, John Scholnick, said that they are thinking about an appeal, the lawyer of the singer stated that he strongly believes that a sale would move forward and that the result will be in favor of his client, Katy Perry.

In an interview, Eric Rowen, the attorney of Katy Perry, said, “We will file the necessary paperwork to move forward with the purchase immediately”. The Archdiocese mentioned that they were pleased by the court rule. The officials of the church mentioned in a statement that they do not think it is time to launch the “firework” above the sold sign just yet.

The Archdiocese was obliged to take some legal action in order to provide utmost protection to all the nuns involved in the case from being attacked by a pending transaction with Dana Hollister wherein Hollister incorrectly took possession of the property for just $44,000 and paid for that by cash with a conditional promissory note.

The expected success of the deal will mean that Katy Perry will be have another great investment. The party is still hoping that the coin will be tossed and it will be in favor of the singer. The negotiation remains ongoing between the church and Katy Perry.

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