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Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio Reunited and Spotted at the Coachella Neon Party

What’s the best place for a reunion? Why not Coachella! Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were spotted together last Saturday night at Coachella. The two reunited at the Neon Carnival, the star-studded party held in Thermal, California. The couple was seen playing it low at the event but it was not hard to spot these big stars.

The Coachella event was full of the biggest stars, but Rihanna and Leo were the stars that caught our attention the most. Rihanna looked glamorous sporting oversized, glittering sunglasses whereas Leo looked dashing sporting dark sunglasses, a University of Michigan baseball hat and a blue-patterned bandanna. The two stars were attempting to attend the event incognito, but the flirty pic of the two drew loads attention to the possible couple.

Leo DiCaprio, our 41-year-old Oscar winner, enjoyed himself immensely, partying all night long. It is clear that he enjoyed his weekend escapade. He was even spotted singing along to the 1999 TLC hit, “No Scrubs”. Meanwhile, Rihanna also made the most of her time, dancing with two girlfriends just a few tables away from Leo and pals. The two then met up and that was when that flirtatious pic of RiRi smiling while Leo whispered in her ear was taken.

Fans of the two must feel giddy seeing the “Kiss It Better’ singer enjoying the night with our favorite Oscar Winner, DiCaprio. Courtney Love was also spotted during the Guns N’ Roses set together with Rihanna. Leo has been seen multiple times in various spots during the first days of the festival.  They are not the only ones to be spotted at this star-studded event. The bash was attended by several Coachella loving celebrities including Aaron Paul and wife, Lauren, Nina Dobrev, Josh Hutcherson, Kellan Lutz, Kyle Richards and Derek Hough.

Since New Years of 2014, the pair have been rumored to be together. In January of 2015, the rumors went on that the two might be seeing each other casually. The two were spotted together several times in the months following January 2015, often seen flirting together at different parties that they attended. Last May 2015, the two were seen clubbing thogher where DiCaprio was rumored to have given the pop star “I Love You” flowers. The two seem quite inseparable. They were even seen at a nightclub together in Paris just this past January.

Pop Star Rihanna is currently touring for her Anti World Tour. RiRi and Leo may have been enjoying their time with each other at the Coachella Neon Party, but the pop star said herself that she does have time right now to entertain anything serious in terms of relationships. That being said, the two have looked pretty close lately.

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