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Rise In Mobile Gaming Means Better Games

The numbers are in, and they are showing that mobile gaming is the next big thing in gaming. A new study showed that gaming apps produced approximately 85% of the entire mobile app market for 2015. That equates to $34.8 billion in revenue worldwide. With numbers like this, game developers are jumping for joy at the new opportunities a growth they have in front of them.


One company focused on mobile gaming asserts that mobile gaming will soon take over PC and console gaming by the end of this year. The biggest advantage to mobile games is the touch-screen possibility. Neither PC nor console games have this flexibility. That is what sets them apart and likely will continue to push mobile games to even more popularity.


Another startling fact is that about two-thirds of the American public is expected to use mobile gaming as entertainment by year’s end. This means that gaming companies are making a huge push for their designers to come up with new trends. Games like Flappy Bird and Farmville took the market by storm from the moment they were developed. Gaming companies are hoping to cash in on the next “big thing” and create the new go-to game for mobile gamers.


Another division taking notice of the rise in mobile gaming are advertisers. They see the possibilities and are putting huge advertising dollars this new revenue outlet. If you have ever downloaded a game for free you have surely noticed the number of pop-ups and ad-offers included. Advertising companies are taking full advantage of this new gaming epidemic.


Advertisers and gamers are putting their heads together to come up with outstanding games that have some money-making catch to them. These new games are being called freemiums. Freemium games are those that can be played free, but added perks to buy virtual weapons or virtual money within the games will cost you real money. A charge of as little as $0.99 can mean huge bucks if a game catches on to 100,000 players or more.


The most downloaded and played games are easily bringing huge dollars to the market. Let’s say you start to play a game and realize that it takes five hours of game play to get enough virtual coins to buy a weapon needed for the next level. However, the game conveniently offers you the option of buying enough coins to purchase that weapon for $0.99. Most gamers who are invested in a game, or who don’t have time to play for an additional five hours, opt to pay the fee.


Marketers are banking on players wanting to buy perks. If the signs are telling, this won’t be an issue if the game incites enough excitement. 2016 should continue to bring a new rise in mobile gaming. This is good news for the players because it means that developers are going to create the best games possible!

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