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The Future Of Television And The Genesis Of A New Entertainment Form

The World Wide Web has already become a significant feature in all of our lives. The majority of us now access the web throughout the day, both at work and at home. It’s profoundly altered the way we conduct business, and how we communicate with family and friend and our love ones. The same is true of music on the web: more artists now have the chance to be heard, but the business is becoming more fragment as a result, apart from the purely manufactured and heavily produced acts that the major labels distribute, it will be harder to achieve the kind of recognition and fame that was possible min the past. The critical and financial successes bands like cold play or u2 eventually achieved will be harder for new acts without and support of an industry marketing machine behind them.

One of the great features of the web, and what has been so refreshing about it is that we have less interaction with traditional advertising than in other formats such as magazines, television and newspapers. Having been dominated with an ever increasing number of advertisement for decades, the public is becoming resistant to them. Traditional commercial advertising is an area of concern for broadcasters because of this, and no doubt the way in which television programming is paid for will undergo radical changes in the coming years.

By nature, the web will always be part in some democratic behavior to entertain individual, but this doesn’t mean that some major media entertaining companies can’t have a envision now, given some structure and economics of the entertainment giants, the short form, which is ideal for the web, has potential even for them. Just as iTunes changed the focus of many people towards music from the album back to the singles of yesteryear, I would say that original web content is and will continue to be about the short and not the feature. Short programs can be both entertaining and profitable, and offer new creative avenues for writers, directors and talent. Imagine some series or a soap opera or drama made compact, the idea of quality episodic programming is realistic, and present new creative and financial possibilities for everyone involved.

Obviously, redefining entertainment to include the short from as a stable product would require a significant shift in the way the major entertainment companies do business. The web as an entertainment medium has equally enormous potential, and can become something very different from the TV of today, and it can provide a forum for semi-professionals and amateurs to share their work, and can also allow professional producers the chance to create profitable content to users.

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