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The Highly Anticipated Wedding of Mariah Carey Will Be Featured on Her Very Own Reality Show

Mariah Carey revealed that she and her fiancé James Packer will be married in the very near future. Their wedding is to be featured on Mariah’s reality show, Mariah’s World. A reliable Carey source revealed in the latest issue of Us Weekly that her team wants it to be featured on her reality series.

Mariah Carey, famous for songs such as “Hero,” recently began filming and recording a docu-series that takes fans behind the scenes. It details her Las Vegas residency and her 2-month European tour. Her manager has facilitated Mariah’s reality career through her role as a producer in reality television. A source close to Mariah ahs claimed that she is indeed very funny on camera.

The wedding between billionaire Packer and Carey is expected to be a highlight in the entertaining world. It truly is a great love story. Packer and Carey got engaged in early 2016 and there doesn’t appear to be a set wedding date just yet. It was revealed by a Carey insider that James Packer, the well known Australian billionaire, will go along with the on-air wedding. The source added that James will be doing everything that his fiancé wants. Fans are eagerly awaiting future updates on the bid day. The wedding is expected to occur later in the year.

There’s no doubt that Mariah fans are enthusiastically waiting for the upcoming nuptials between the happy couple. Sources say that even Mariah’s ex, Nick Cannon, wishes nothing but the best for the happy couple. In his recent Instagram post, Cannon said, “Congrats to Mariah Carey and James!” He also said that he wishes that God will bless their marriage and future union. He praised the couple on Instagram with the hashtags #GreatPeople and #GreatCouple. Nick Cannon, Carey’s ex-husband and the father of their 4 years old twins Moroccan and Monroe, expressed his joy for the couple.

Mariah Carey’s fans are keeping an eye on her show every day in hopes that she will finally reveal her wedding date. According to The New York Times, James and Mariah will get married this spring and the whole ceremony will be documented on Mariah’s reality series. Mariah’s World will air later this year.

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