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The World’s 25 Largest Animals, and Where You’d Never Expect to Find Them

Earth is home to a wide range of animals, and many have taken roost in big, open environments. While animals don’t need big areas to evolve in size, some of the planet’s largest beings are found in astounding places. Primates, fish and other animals have enthused scientists, excited photographers and have enticed the imagination.

Found in trees, oceans and the world’s many lush expanses, these top 25 largest animals on earth ensure excitement and mystery. Moreover, their location might surprise you. Sit back, relax and take a gander at the planets biggest, boldest creatures:


25. The American Alligator

While dieting on birds, rodents and marsh dwellers, the American alligator is practically a modern dinosaur. Weighing approximately 1,000 pounds and reaching up to 12 feet in length, the American alligator is truly a terror to behold. These guys are found on golf courses, in backyards and even in parking lots. Could you keep it cool as a carnivorous beast, twice your size, strolls by?

25. alligator

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