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Tom Holland: The Youngest and Newest British Actor to Portray the Role of Spiderman

Speculation as to who the newest Spiderman would be has finally come to and end. Tom Holland, a young British actor, will wear the famous blue and red costume in the latest Marvel installment. He is one of the youngest actors ever chosen to play the role.

Before it was announced that Holland would be portraying the role of Spiderman, he was busy working on other big films such as Heart of the Sea and Wolf Hall. Spiderman will be a real challenge for him considering that he has never starred in a film with this much following. Nevertheless, he is ready to conquer whatever things might come along to ensure that viewers are given a great experience.

The first glimpse of Tom Holland as the newest Spiderman was seen in the trailer for the Captain America: Civil War. Viewers got to see a quick glimpse of Tom donning the well known Spiderman costume.

Who is Tom Holland?

Tom Holland is a young 19-year-old actor from the United Kingdom. You might recognize him for his role in the critically acclaimed movie The Impossible, where he starred alongside Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. Although some might be concerned that he is too young to play such an enormous role, most fans are more excited for the fact that Spiderman will be returning to the franchise.


Tom acquired success in previous recent including heavyweight offerings such as Wolf Hall as well as The Heart of the Sea. The roles he played in these films gave him excellent experience. At a young age, Tom Holland has already been exposed to major roles where his skills, talents and abilities were able to improve significantly. Holland also gained popularity in the entertainment industry starring as Billy Elliot, a ballet dancer in the London version stage musical, “Billy Elliot the Musical”. This was one of his first achievements and offered him excellent recognition.

The Youngest Spiderman Yet

Marvel fans are excited to see how Tom Holland will portray the role of Spiderman. This creates a big challenge for Tom Holland. Spiderman is a largely admired Marvel character. Tom has some pretty big shoes to fill if he wants to live up to the expectations of the fans. Regardless of his young age, Tom Holland is ready to take on the challenge as well as the criticisms that might come along with it as well.

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