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Twin Earthquake Strikes Japan


Japan, a beautiful country where Mount Fuji is located, is known to be the land of the rising sun. It is also known for dominating the technological world. In fact, it boasts the largest and the most developed technologies ever created. Each year, Japan produces new units of technology that impresses the world. Hopefully, Japan will recover quickly after the recent devastation left by earthquakes that shook the nation.

Twin earthquakes hit southwestern Japan only one day apart from each other. A 7.3 magnitude and a 6.5 magnitude earthquake caused many homes and businesses to crumble to pieces. The twin earthquakes that occurred killed at least 39 people, and injuring thousands, approximately 1,500. People were trapped beneath and underneath their flattened homes. The twin earthquakes caused thousands of people to seek shelter in hotel lobbies and gymnasiums around southern Japan. Exact numbers of people who have been reported killed or injured are unclear as the recuing process continues.

Sequences of aftershocks were felt around the nation as another 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday morning. The JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) said that the twin earthquakes that hit earlier Saturday might be the major quake, with the previous one a forerunner. The twin earthquakes’ epicenters have been moderately one-dimensional. With ranges being about 10 kilometers (or 6 miles) and near to the surface ensuing in additional ruthless damage and shaking. People said that they experienced aftershocks eight times within an hour in the area.

Japanese Media reported that nearly 200,000 shelters were devoid of electricity. The system of drinking water also failed in the area. TV video recording showed the people huddled quietly in blankets, shoulder to shoulder on the floors of the evacuation centers. During the quake, many said that people were inside their own homes causing them to be trapped under the now flattened houses.

According to the JMA the earthquake occurred at 9:26 pm. Broken clocks have been found in the area stopped at this time.

Rescue is still ongoing. There are still people who are stuck under the crumbled roofs of their homes and businesses. Some people are still missing. Being hit by twin earthquakes that ranges from magnitude of 7.3 to  6.5, Japan is now moving on despite the destruction.

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