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Why The Jungle Book Is Rocking It At The Box Office

The Jungle Book reported impressive numbers at the box office in its opening weekend. The movie raked in a reported $32.4 million on opening day, and experts anticipate weekend earnings to surpass $80 million if crowds continue to show up for the highly anticipated Disney film. Directed by Jon Favreau, the Jungle Book is rapidly gaining numbers overseas. Overseas numbers nearly doubled its domestic haul with a whopping $57.1 million. Amazingly, the film has also gained some tremendous positive reviews from critics after premiering on this weekend. The finished product seemed to please not only fans but critics as well. The film obtained a 92 percent score from fans and a whopping 94 percent from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

More significantly, the narrative’s heritage of the film from Walt Disney features laughs that proved to be quite successful. Unlike when Mr. Favreau directed “Iron Man,” he took a different approach when introducing comedic relief into the mostly serious film. Favreau simply interrupted the seriousness of the film with comic interludes, instead of saturating the overall tone with plain humor.

When the 1967 film was first introduced, it came along with a lot of fun and great songs. The recent adaptation is giving us even more with great characters, unbelievably awesome action, and incredible CGI. Chalk it up to the “Bare Necessities,” positive reviews, or nostalgia, the remake of the Jungle Book is making immense headway at the box office. Most would say that the animated version of the film, originally introduced in 1967, failed to faithfully flow along with Rudyard Kipling’s beloved book. However, an exceptional job was done by Jon Favreau who aptly pursued Kipling’s work. The script does an incredible job of developing every character; making them as alive as the film’s setting. Jon Favreau went beyond the original to introduce new elements such as the mythic “Law of the Jungle,” which was absent form the 1967 animated film. The re-imagining of the familiar story has been remade with the latest in movie-making technology. There is little wonder, as to why this majestic film is now making great waves at the weekend box office.

No doubt the reboot of the classic Rudyard Kipling tale by Jon Favreau has brought about a free-range childhood fantasy. It is clear that this film leaves room for another chapter. In the wake of favorable box-office forecasts and strong reviews, Disney has already granted Favreau the go-ahead for a sequel.

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